Victorious Pornography Story: Gonzo-mas Three – Plumbing In A Winter Wonderland

Victorious Pornography Story: Gonzo-mas Three – Plumbing In A Winter Wonderland

Been avoiding me?” Victoria Justice asked as Santa Claus backed out of the chimney.

After years of trying to get Santa to fuck her, Victoria had finally succeeded when she’d gotten him to pop her cherry. The next year she’d been eager to have him take her other virginity, but she must have fallen asleep because she woke up on the couch and it was obvious from the presents under the tree that he’d already been there.

But then last year she’d made a specific effort to stay up all night just to make sure she didn’t miss him. Then when he still hadn’t shown up by dawn she’d given in and let herself go to sleep. And somehow he’d managed to sneak in during that small window between when she’d fallen asleep and when everyone else had woken up.

“Maybe a little,” Santa said, realizing she wasn’t going to give up, not that he’d ever expected her to.

Santa didn’t mind fooling around with the women he delivered presents to, especially the horny mothers that felt neglected the rest of the year. But he wasn’t much for taking virginities, with the occasional exception of when the women wasn’t necessarily looking to give it away. Then there was a thrill to the hunt that made it hot. Otherwise he preferred that someone else do the breaking in while he reaped the benefits later on.

“You know what I want for Christmas this year, don’t you?” Victoria asked, mischievously.

“I wouldn’t be much of a Santa if I didn’t,” Santa sighed.

“Does that mean you’re going to give me my present?” Victoria asked, hopeful.

Santa had hoped that if she really wanted to try anal sex, she would’ve gone and done it in the last couple years. Instead, she’d actively denied boyfriends of that honor while saving it for him. When he’d realized that was waiting up again, he’d finally come to the conclusion that no matter how long he tried to avoid her, she’d keep waiting and eventually she’d get her wish. So he’d decided to give it to her, even though it likely meant she’d just find something else to fixate on for next year.

“You tell me,” Santa said, pulling a small box out of his bag and handing it to her.

Tearing the paper away Victoria gasped and bit her lower lip when she saw that it was a bottle of lube. As she extracted the bottle she glanced up and saw that Santa had already removed his coat and was working on his pants.

“Wow, I forgot how big you are,” Victoria said when Santa pushed his pants down and his cock sprang free.

“Not having second thoughts are you?” Santa asked as he shuffled towards her with his pants around his ankles.

“Not even a little,” Victoria said, reaching down and grabbing the hem of her t-shirt.

As Victoria lifted her shirt over her head Santa took a moment to watch and enjoy the show of her naked tits coming into view. After updating the mental image of her tits he reached forward and grabbed hold of the waist of her pajama bottoms. Not bothering to be gentle, he tugged on them and heard a small ripping sound, but Victoria didn’t seem too bothered by it as she kicked her legs to help him pull them all the way off.

“Hands and knees,” Santa growled when Victoria was fully naked on the couch before him.

Without hesitation Victoria rolled over onto her stomach. Putting her hands flat on the couch cushions she straightened her arms. Bringing her knees underneath her she lifted up onto all four with her ass pointing back at Santa.

Grabbing the bottle of lube from where Victoria had dropped it so she could get naked, Santa popped open the cap. Turning it upside down he squirted a stream of lube into the crack of her ass, causing her to instinctively flinch and pull forward at the feel of the cold liquid on her skin.

“Oooh,” Victoria cooed as Santa started rubbing the lube around the outside of her anus before pushing his finger against the center of her rosebud.

Feeling his finger entering her asshole Victoria gasped. It wasn’t the first time she’d had something in her ass; she’d touched herself there in the shower, and even used a vibrator on her ass a few times, but the knowledge that it was a precursor to having a cock in there made it so much better.

“Tight little ass,” Santa grunted as her asshole squeezed his finger like it didn’t want to let go.

“Uhhhh,” Victoria grunted as Santa slipped a second finger into her ass.

Pushing two fingers as deep into Victoria’s ass as he could, Santa twisted his hand, spinning his fingers inside her. Slowly pulling the fingers out he spread them apart, stretching her hole even further.

“Ready?” Santa asked, pulling his fingers completely out of Victoria’s asshole.

“Ready,” Victoria answered, just a touch of nervousness apparent in her voice as Santa moved in behind her.

Squirting some lube on the shaft of his cock Santa smeared it around with his hand before using one hand to pull Victoria’s butt cheek apart to give him a better view of her anus. Aiming his cock with his other hand he moved forward until the head was pressed against her virgin asshole.

“You sure?” Santa asked Victoria.

“I’m sure, owwwww,” Victoria hissed as Santa took the opportunity to push forward while she was slightly distracted.

“The worst is over,” Santa assured her, stopping to let her adjust a bit with the head of his cock nestled in snug confines of her asshole.

“Unnggghhh,” Victoria grunted, clawing at the couch cushions as pain erupted in her ass.

“Relax,” Santa said, moving his hands to her hips.

Forcing herself to breathe, Victoria slowly felt the pain start to lessen. And as the pain decreased she relaxed. Then as she relaxed Santa took the opportunity to push forward and lodge another inch or two into her ass.

“Fuck,” Victoria gasped as more and more cock was shoved up her ass.

Victoria wasn’t sure whether it was because he was bigger than her vibrator or that he’d gone much faster with initial penetration than she had, but it hurt much worse than when she’d tried it herself. That said, it wasn’t quite as agonizing as some had told her either. So as long as she’d asked for it, she might as well see it through.

“Play with yourself,” Santa advised as he finally felt his pelvis press against her butt cheeks.

Dropping down to her elbows Victoria slipped a hand underneath her. Sliding it down her stomach she found her pussy just as Santa started to withdraw. As if waiting, Santa paused with half of his cock outside Victoria’s ass and then right when her finger made contact with her clit he drove into her, the combination doing wonders for her.

“Ohhhh,” Victoria moaned as the pleasure started to overpower the pain.

With Victoria starting to enjoy, Santa withdrew again. This time rather than pausing he immediately drove back into her ass, drawing a gasp from Victoria. When she didn’t complain he did it again.

“Ohh fuck,” Victoria grunted as Santa fucked her ass with a steady tempo.

Each thrust into her ass took Victoria’s breath away, in a good way. Santa was driving into her with enough force to make her grunt as the sound of their bodies slapping together echoed through the room.

With the pain down to little more than a dull ache, she could focus more on the pleasure. She matched the speed of her finger on her clit to the speed of Santa’s thrusts into her ass and while it wasn’t quite as good as having her pussy fucked, the naughtiness of it helped make up some of the difference.

“Ohhh, fuck my ass, Santa,” Victoria demanded, pushing back to meet his thrusts.

“You like taking it up the ass, don’t you?” Santa asked, grinning as Victoria succumbed to her desires.

“Oh yeah,” Victoria answered, slipping a finger into her pussy and feeling his cock moving within her.

“Good thing being a little anal slut doesn’t get you on the naughty list,” Santa said, pulling on her hips as he drove forward. “Because I have a feeling your ass is going to be busy in the next year.”

“So busy,” Victoria agreed, pulling her finger out of her pussy and moving it back to her clit.

“All sorts of girls and boys fucking your ass, huh?” Santa asked, feeling the need building inside him and trying not to heed it quite yet.

“Yeah,” Victoria mewed as she thought about how it probably wouldn’t be very long until the next time her ass got fucked.

“Such a tight little ass,” Santa grunted as he watched the cheeks of her ass ripple from the force of his thrusts.

“Uhh, so tight,” Victoria hissed, her finger a blur against her clit as she shoved her ass back to meet Santa’s cock plunging into her no-longer-pristine asshole.

“You’re going to come, aren’t you?” Santa asked Victoria. “Filthy slut wants to come from being fucked in the ass, don’t you?”

“Oh god, fuck my ass, Santa, fuck it so good,” Victoria begged. “Make me come with your cock shoved up my slutty fucking ass.”

“Keep talking like that and you might wind up with coal in your stocking,” Santa warned her, smirking at the irony of warning her about her language while he stuffed her ass full of meat.

“I finally got your fat fucking cock up my slutty ass, so I don’t fucking care,” Victoria hissed, throwing in a few extra special words for effect as she felt the first bloom orgasm hit her.

“Then I guess the only threat I have left is to say you’re not getting fucked next year,” Santa grunted through gritted teeth as he tried to hold off until he felt Victoria’s ass clamp down on him.

“Noooooo,” Victoria cried, wanting to feel Santa’s cock inside her again and again.

“Then you better be a good girl,” Santa said, pulling on her hips and driving every last inch of his cock up her shit pipe with enough force to make the room echo with the sound of flesh meeting flesh.

“Ohhhhhh,” Victoria moaned, her body starting to quiver as climax overtook her.

Feeling Victoria tense up, Santa barely slowed down. He kept right on plowing into her asshole as she bit into one of the cushions on the couch to muffle her howls of pleasure. Finally when the added tightness was just too much for him Santa drove as deeply into Victoria’s ass as he could.

“Here it comes,” Santa grunted, feeling his balls pull up in preparation to release their load.

“Oh yeah, come in my ass,” Victoria hissed as he let loose and hosed down the inside of her ass.

With his cock spewing white lava into Victoria’s bowels, Santa grunted and tried to push even more of his cock into her hot, tight confines. When he’d finally emptied his balls he felt his body give out and he fell forward, pinning Victoria underneath him, cock still buried in her ass.

“Mmm, I guess that makes my ass ‘Santa Claus Lane’ now,” Victoria mused as she felt his cock start to shrivel inside her ass.

“Huh?” Santa asked, still panting to catch his breath as he slipped his shrinking cock from her asshole and sat up on his knees behind her.

“You know, ‘here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus Lane.’ Well you just came down Santa Claus Lane, alright,” Victoria said, lifting her crotch off the couch as she felt his come start to dribble out of her asshole.

“Keep talking like that I’m going to have to teach you a lesson next year,” Santa said, grinning at her pun nonetheless.

“I’ll be waiting for you,” Victoria said, already planning out what she wanted.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like XXX-mas

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh,” Dani Thorne sang quietly as she hung ornaments on her Christmas tree.

“Missed a spot,” Bella Thorne informed her sister, pointing at a spot on the tree noticeably devoid of any kind of ornamentation.

“Then stop being a brat and help me,” Dani said, rolling her eyes even as she grinned at her baby sister.

“I’m helping just fine from here,” Bella said, smirking as she watched her big sis bend over to pick up another ornament.

Ever since fooling around with one of her best friends, Zendaya, and discovering the wonders of lesbian sex shortly after her fifteenth birthday, Bella had started to look at women differently. One of the biggest shifts in perception had been towards her big sister, Dani. While Bella had always thought her sister was pretty, suddenly she realized how sexy Dani was and fantasies had started to enter her head.

One of her favorite fantasies was where Dani grabbed hold of her, tied her up with some rope and then proceeded to fuck the shit out of her. It was always so intense and even though she’d never really tried bondage, or even had much interest in it, it just seemed so hot to be completely at the mercy and whims of Dani like that.

“How does it look?” Dani asked, snapping Bella out of her thoughts.

“Maybe a little more down low,” Bella said, pointing at a spot towards the bottom of the tree.

“You just want to look at my ass,” Dani said, smirking as she nevertheless bent down to hang an ornament in the area Bella indicated. Before standing up she even gave her ass a little shake.

Even though she was an actress, Bella had always been terrible at hiding stuff from her sisters. Almost immediately Dani had noticed the way Bella had started sneaking glances at other girls, and not being a stranger to the sapphic arts herself, she’d quickly caught on. It also helped prepare her for when she’d started noticing Bella quickly looking away when she caught her staring.

It had been quite flattering, and Dani would’ve been lying to say that she hadn’t noticed how Bella had developed into a beautiful young woman. In fact, Dani had found the occasional fantasy of her own creeping into her head. She’d had one just last night, so powerful she’d had to pull out her vibrator and diddle herself while thinking about feasting on Bella’s pussy.

“Much better,” Bella said, paying very little attention to the tree.

“Why don’t I pour some egg nog while you get ready for bed?” Dani suggested.

“Do I get the good kind?” Bella asked, figuring it was worth a shot.

“Since you’re spending the night, you can have one glass, but don’t tell mom,” Dani sighed.

“Be back in a minute,” Bella said, jumping off the couch and running to the guest room where her overnight back was located.

“Stop it, Dani,” Dani admonished herself as she watched Bella’s ass in her tight jeans until it disappeared down the hallway.

Turning away, Dani headed for the kitchen. Not really having the time, knowledge, or interest to make eggnog from scratch, she’d just bought some from the store. And after pouring some into a couple glasses she opened the cupboard where she kept her liquor and grabbed a bottle of rum.

“What about these lights?” Bella asked when Dani came back into the living room carrying a tray with the glasses on it, as well as some assorted holiday goodies.

Bella had quickly changed into a pair of shorts and a tank top and it was all Dani could do to keep from staring at her baby sister’s long legs. It took even more concentration to pry her eyes away from Bella’s perky little tits underneath the thin layer of cotton with no bra in the way.

“One of the bulbs must be out,” Dani said, shrugging her shoulders as she set the tray down on the table. “Not sure whether I want to take the time to test each bulb to figure out which one is screwing everything up or if I should just toss it and buy another strand.”

“Where are the extra bulbs?” Bella asked, glancing around.

“In the white box in the corner,” Dani said as she started pulling out various other decorations.

“Do I get anything special if I fix this?” Bella asked, holding up the strand of lights and spare bulbs.

“You’ll be my favorite sister, but you can’t tell Kaili,” Dani said, smirking as she set out scented candles that smelled like gingerbread.

“I’m already your favorite sister, and what’s the point of having you admit it if I can’t rub it in Kaili’s face?” Bella asked, sticking her tongue out at her big sister.

“Fine, I’ll you pick the first movie?” Dani suggested.

“But we watch the same movies every year,” Bella countered, plugging the strand of lights into an outlet.

Dani thought about suggesting that she eat Bella’s pussy as a way of saying thanks, but decided against it. After all the time Bella had spent watching her, Dani was pretty sure her little sister would jump at the offer and she just wasn’t ready for it quite yet.

“How about I let you have another drink while we’re watching the movie?” Dani suggested.

“Deal,” Bella said, busying herself pulling bulbs and plugging in new ones.

“Okay, I think I’m done,” Dani said as she emptied the last box of decorations. “Want me to wait for you, or should I start the first movie?”

“I’m just… about… done,” Bella said, plugging in the final bulb and watching the whole thing erupt into twinkling colors.

“Then you can get the movie loaded while I fix us more eggnog,” Dani said, handing Bella the movie case.

“What do you want me to do with these lights?” Bella asked as she knelt to put the disc in the player.

“Just leave them for now,” Dani said as she refilled the glasses. “I can put them in one of the windows or something tomorrow.”

Shrugging her shoulders Bella draped the still twinkling lights over the arm of the chair next to the tv and grabbed the remote. Queuing up the movie she grabbed a blanket and plopped down on the couch. Spreading the blanket over herself, she held up a corner for Dani as she came back carrying their drinks.

“Start it up,” Dani said, slipping under the blanket and handing Bella her glass.

As the screen sprang to life Bella snuggled in against her sister. Taking a sip of her eggnog Bella felt the warmth from the alcohol spread through her body and she could already feel the early signs of intoxication from her first glass. She wasn’t drunk, but between her lack of experience drinking and her skinny frame, she had that slight cloudy feeling in her brain like she was just starting to feel the effects.

While the movie played Dani became increasingly aware of Bella’s presence. Every time Dani started to get into the movie Bella shifted and Dani’s attention was back on her little sister. Sometimes it was the way Bella’s breast was pressed against her arm, or the feel of Bella’s hand on her thigh, or when Bella leaned forward to get a cookie from the tray on the coffee table and Dani got a nice view of coin slot from Bella’s shorts slipping down.

“You got something,” Dani said, brushing some powdered sugar from Bella’s lip.

“Thanks,” Bella said, thrilling at the feeling of Dani’s fingers on her lips.

“No problem,” Dani said, almost wishing she’d used her tongue to clean Bella’s lips.

“Uh, Dani,” Bella asked, looking up. “When did you put mistletoe above the couch?”

“I didn’t…” Dani said, trailing off as she tilted her head and saw the sprig of mistletoe hanging right over Bella’s head.

“I guess that means you have to kiss me,” Bella said, smirking.

Dani knew she should decline but with the way Bella was essentially challenging her, she found herself leaning forward. Almost before she realized what was happening she was pressing her lips against her sister’s.

It was just supposed to be an innocent peck like they’d exchanged thousands of times over the years, but the moment their lips touched it set off a nuclear reaction. Months of pent up sexual tension that neither had wanted to acknowledge was unleashed.

No longer able to hold it back Dani deepened the kiss, pressing her tongue against Bella’s lips. When Bella opened her mouth Dani let her tongue dart forward, trying to lick her baby sister’s tonsils.

As Bella moaned at the onslaught Dani let her hands join the fray. They’d been cradling Bella’s cheeks when the kiss started but that was no longer good enough so Dani put them on Bella’s shoulders, pushing on them as she leaned her sister back on the couch.

Finally letting her brain catch up to what was happening Bella slipped her hands down to the hem of Dani’s shirt. She’d dreamed about Dani’s bigger boobs and while she’d seen them a few times here or there, she desperately wanted to touch them and squeeze them and suckle them and do god knows what else to them.

Slipping her fingers inside Dani’s shirt Bella made contact with the flat contours of Dani’s stomach. Grabbing hold of the material of Dani’s top Bella started pulling up her sister’s body. When she reached Dani’s chest Dani finally broke the kiss so she could raise her arms over her head and allow Bella to pull the shirt off over her head.

Tossing Dani’s shirt aside Bella’s eye went right Dani’s braless tits. She started to reach for them to finally get her hands on those marvelous melons but Dani stopped her. Grabbing Bella’s tank top Dani lifted it up Bella’s body until Bella lifted her arms just like Dani had.

“Lift up,” Dani said, hooking her fingers in the waist of Bella’s shorts.

Instinctively reacting to Dani’s command Bella lifted her ass off the couch so her shorts could be pulled down. As her pussy came into view she heard Dani suck in air and felt a wave of nervousness that she hadn’t trimmed her red bush in a few days, or maybe that she should’ve shaved it completely or some other way that it was wrong.

But Bella needn’t have worried. As a fellow firecrotch Dani had been self conscious about it when she’d realized how rare it is, but after a couple boyfriends, and a girlfriend or two, going crazy for her red bush she’d realized how special it was and was really happy to see her sister embracing it as well.

“Someone’s wet,” Dani said, grinning as she dragged a finger through Bella’s folds.

“Mmhmm,” Bella moaned, spreading her legs wider as her eyes darted back and forth between Dani’s face and her tits.

“You want to touch them, don’t you?” Dani asked, recognizing the look on Bella’s face when she looked at her chest.

“Yeah,” Bella said nervously as she reached out a shaky hand.

Pressing her palm against her sister’s bare tit Bella felt a tremor of excitement run through her. She’d been dreaming of doing this for months and it was finally happening. Even more, Dani’s boob felt even better in her hand than she’d imagined. It wasn’t huge, but it was definitely bigger than her own and felt so good as she closed her hand around it.

“I want to taste you,” Dani growled as Bella brought her other hand to play as well.

“Ohhh, do it,” Bella said as Dani started kissing down her body.

“Hmm,” Dani said, as she tried to figure out to fit on the couch. With Bella stretched out the way she was Dani had to either curl up in a ball or hang uncomfortably off the end of the couch to get where she wanted to be. “Get on the floor.”

As she watched Bella move onto the floor Dani lifted her hand to her mouth. Extending her tongue she licked the finger that had been teasing Bella’s pussy. A shudder of ecstasy ran through her as she tasted her sister’s nectar.

With a small taste fresh in her mouth Dani didn’t waste any more time. Dropping to the ground she barely waited for Bella to spread her legs before crawling between them. Grabbing hold of Bella’s thighs Dani leaned her head and slowly dragged her tongue the length of Bella’s slit.

“Ohhhh,” Bella moaned, squirming at the touch of Dani’s tongue.

As good as Bella had tasted on her finger, she tasted even better straight from the source. Dani wasn’t sure if it was real or just the utter naughtiness of licking her sister’s pussy, but it was easily the tastiest pussy she’d ever eaten.

After lapping away at Bella’s hole for a few seconds to hoover up some of the fluids already leaking out of it Dani shifted up and flicked at her clit. When Bella reacted by bucking her hips and grabbing Dani’s head Dani calmly reached up and gripped Bella’s wrist and pulled it away.

“Oh fuck,” Bella hissed, grabbing Dani’s hair with her other hand when her big sister flicked her clit several times in rapid succession.

“No,” Dani said, grabbing Bella’s wrist again.

Dani was about to let Bella’s hands go when she noticed the strand of still twinkling lights Bella had fixed. She tried to ignore it but the idea just wouldn’t let go so she worked her way back up Bella’s body, still holding onto her arms as she straddled one of Bella’s thighs.

Switching both of Bella’s wrists to the same hand Dani bent down and gave her little sister a kiss that anything but sisterly. While Bella was distracted Dani reached her free hand out and blindly groped for the string of lights. Finding them she pulled it towards her as she broke the kiss.

Pushing herself up into a sitting position Dani wrapped the cord a couple times around one of Bella’s wrists until was solid. Then putting Bella’s writs together she wrapped the cord around both of them a couple more times until Bella couldn’t pull them apart.

“Now you can’t pull my hair,” Dani said, smirking as she leaned back down to give Bella a tender kiss.

As Dani kissed her Bella couldn’t believe what was happening. While it had been rope rather than twinkling lights, it was still remarkably like her dream. It was enough to make her head spin and she moaned into Dani’s mouth as Dani’s thigh pressed against her pussy.

“You like being tied up don’t you?” Dani asked when she realized that Bella wasn’t even trying to fight against the impromptu restraints.

“I don’t know, maybe,” Bella answered honestly, grinding her crotch against Dani.

“I guess we’ll have to find out then, won’t we?” Dani asked, smirking as she followed Bella’s lead by pressing her own pussy against Bella’s thigh and rubbing against it.

“Fuck me, Dani,” Bella moaned as the feeling of Dani’s thigh against her cunt set off sparks in her lower body.

“I’m fucking you, Bella,” Dani grunted, grinding a little faster. “Do you like fucking your big sister?”

“I love it,” Bella gasped, feeling like she was on fire as she worked her body against Dani.

“Such a nasty girl wanting to fuck your own sister,” Dani snarled, pressing her chest against Bella’s as she pushed her crotch even harder against Bella’s thigh.

“So naughty,” Bella agreed, lifting her head to kiss Dani.

“So fucking hot,” Dani grunted as Bella writhed underneath her.

Everything was just so hot and intense that Bella could barely control herself. It was so much better than anything she could’ve possibly dreamed about and the kinkiness of fucking her own sister was rapidly pushing Bella to the brink of orgasm.

“You want to come, don’t you?” Dani inquired, seeing the way Bella’s skin was flushing and her breath was coming in short gasps. “You want your sister to give you an incestuous orgasm, huh?”

“Oh god, yeah,” Bella gasped, Dani’s words spurring her on even more.

“Do it,” Dani demanded. “I want to watch my baby sister come. Come for me, baby.”

“So close,” Bella moaned, arching her back to press her upper body even tighter against Dani.

Bowing her back Dani managed to keep her thigh in contact with Bella’s pussy while also getting her mouth in range of Bella’s tits. While Bella continued to grind against her Dani stuck her tongue out and ran it along the edge of Bella’s areola. After about a half lap around it Dani got impatient and wrapped her mouth around Bella’s nipple.

“Ohhhhhhh,” Bella screamed, the added stimulation pushing her past the tipping point.

With her eyes wide open and her mouth frozen in an O shape every muscle in Bella’s body flexed as she came. Involuntarily yanking her arms upward she pulled the plug from the string of lights out of the wall and clutched Dani’s head to her chest.

“Wow,” Bella panted when her body had finally gone lax. “So should I?”

“Oh, we’re just getting started,” Dani said, grinning as she unwrapped the lights from Bella’s wrists. “I’m going to have some fun tonight.”

“Really?” Bella asked, about seventy-five percent turned on and twenty-five percent nervous by the mischievous grin on Dani’s face.

“I’m going to my room,” Dani announced, recognizing the apprehension on Bella’s face. “You can do whatever you want. If you go to your room we can just go back to being really close sisters. But if you come to my room, you’re mine to do whatever I want with. How does that sound?”

“Sounds fair,” Bella said as she watched her sister get up to her feet.

Sitting up Bella watched Dani’s ass swaying in her pajama bottoms as she walked towards the hallway. As she turned the corner Dani lifted her arms to remove the pins in her hair and let it drop down past her shoulders. In doing so she gave Bella a nice side view of her tits that easily erased any unease she might still have been feeling.

“Hey, where’d the mistletoe go?” Bella wondered as she glanced up at the ceiling and noticed it was gone while gathering up her clothes.

Ignoring her curiosity Bella draped her tank top top and shorts over her forearm and followed after her sister. Reaching Dani’s bedroom she didn’t even bother to knock. She grabbed the doorknob and pushed the door open to find her Dani gloriously naked and waiting for her with a large vibrator in one hand and an even bigger dildo in the other.

Mrs. Claus Is Coming To Town

“Santa?” Kelli Berglund asked, seeing a figure in red backing out of the fireplace.

She’d gotten up to get a drink of water before heading to bed when she’d heard a noise. Rounding the corner into the front room she’d seen a red velvet bag drop from the chimney followed by someone landing next to it.

“Not quite, dearie,” a female voice said as she turned around.

“Wow,” Kelli muttered under her breath when she saw a woman who appeared to be in her late twenties. With long blonde hair, pale skin, and clear blue eyes she was one of the most beautiful women Kelli had ever seen.

“The name’s Anna, but most people call me Mrs. Claus,” she said, smiling.

“Mrs. Claus?” Kelli asked. “What are you doing here?”

“Santa was running a little behind, which generally means he spent a little too much time banging one of his trollops, so he asked me to take a few houses and help him catch up,” Mrs. Claus explained.

“Trollops? Banging?” Kelli asked, shocked at what she was hearing.

“According to Santa we have an open relationship one night of the year, and he uses that as an excuse to fuck any woman that waits up for him,” Mrs. Claus said, shrugging her shoulders. “While I usually get stuck back at the workshop with a bunch of elves waiting for our yearly trip to Fiji for New Year’s.”

“Open relationship?” Kelli asked, still not comprehending how someone could have a woman that looked like that and want more.

“You weren’t waiting up for Santa, were you?” Mrs. Claus asked, studying Kelli out of the corner of her eye as she opened the red sack.

While Kelli wasn’t much more than average height, years of dancing had sculpted her legs to near perfection. And as she stood there dressed simply in a long shirt that came down to mid-thigh, she was downright sexy in ways only a woman completely at ease can manage.

“Oh no, just getting water,” Kelli said, blushing at the idea that this beautiful woman might think she was trying to seduce her husband.

“His loss, I guess,” Mrs. Claus said, finding it adorable the way Kelli averted her gaze when she looked at her. “You’re really pretty, you know that?”

“I’ve been told a few times,” Kelli said, blushing again, this time deeper, at the compliment.

“You know, very few people get to watch this part without putting out at some point,” Mrs. Claus commented as she unloaded the sack of presents and arranged them around the tree.

“Should I go?” Kelli asked, unsure why she was so drawn to the woman. It wasn’t like she was a lesbian or anything, or even really ever entertained the thought, but for some reason she couldn’t take her eyes off of Mrs. Claus.

“If you’re tired, but it’s kinda nice having someone to talk to,” Mrs. Claus said as she took the stockings off the mantel.

“Okay,” Kelli said, sitting on the couch and watching Mrs. Claus work.

Glancing up Mrs. Claus saw a small triangle of white cotton between Kelli’s legs and felt a shiver run through her at the sight of the teenager’s panties. And from the way Kelli kept blushing and looking at her Mrs. Claus knew that she wouldn’t put up much of a fight if she tried to seduce her.

It had been so long since Mrs. Claus had been with someone so young. Normally her partners were elves and while Santa’s magic made them look young, their average age was well over a hundred years old. Even the few human helpers on Santa’s payroll were usually in their twenties or even thirties by the time they were hired and brought to the North Pole.

“I bet you have all kinds of boyfriends,” Mrs. Claus said, turning her attention back to filling stockings.

“One, but he’s been out of town for a couple weeks,” Kelli sighed.

“Poor girl,” Mrs. Claus said sympathetically. “That’s why you need more than one. You’re too young to be tied down to one person anyways. You need to experience life, try new things.”

“And I should do that by sleeping around?” Kelli asked, shocked.

“Not necessarily,” Mrs. Claus responded. “But going out with different people and figuring out what you want and what you don’t want is one of the most important things you can do in life. One man for the rest of your life might sound good but at some point you’re going to wonder if you’ve truly experienced everything.”

“I guess,” Kelli admitted.

“So, is there anything you really wanted to do but never had the courage to say anything?” Mrs. Claus asked.

“Well, this one time my boyfriend’s tongue brushed against my asshole and I kinda liked it,” Kelli said, turning a bright shade of red. “He was going down on me and his tongue strayed a little too far and, oh god, I can’t believe I’m saying this.”

“Analingus? That’s nothing to be ashamed about,” Mrs. Claus said, waving her off. “I don’t any women that have tried it that don’t absolutely love it. And most men I’ve been with will gladly down onto their knees and rim a woman’s ass if asked, especially if they think there’s a chance they might get to replace their tongue with their cock as a reward.”

“Huh?” Kelli asked, equal parts turned on and repulsed by the direction the conversation was headed.

“You should really try it,” Mrs. Claus said, practically purring. “I love having my ass eaten and then getting fucked in the ass until I can’t take it any more.”

“Really?” Kelli asked, squeezing her thighs together.

“I could show you, if you want,” Mrs. Claus offered.

“I don’t, uh…” Kelli said, trailing off as the mental image filled her brain.

“We can start slow and go from there,” Mrs. Claus suggested. “And any time you want to stop, we’ll stop.”

“Umm,” Kelli said, wanting to say no but unable to as Mrs. Claus walked on her knees across the room towards her.

“You don’t even have to ask, just turn around and bend over if you want to continue,” Mrs. Claus said, kneeling in front of her.

Taking a deep breath Kelli tried once more to say no but couldn’t. Instead, almost unconsciously, Kelli stood up and turned around. Planting her knees on the edge of the couch she leaned forward against the back of the couch and thrust her ass back at Mrs. Claus.

“Good girl,” Mrs. Claus said, her eyes glued to the tight ass right in front of her.

Kelli flinched slightly when she felt hands on her thighs pushing her shirt up, but didn’t make a move to stop it. Even when Mrs. Claus slipped her fingers into the waistband of her panties she stayed still, even lifted her butt a little higher to help her tug them down.

Mrs. Claus didn’t even bother to take the extra couple seconds to take Kelli’s underwear completely off. She just pulled them down to Kelli’s knees before letting her hands run back up the insides of Kelli’s thighs.

“Such a tight little ass,” Mrs. Claus muttered as she ran her hands over Kelli’s rock hard ass.

Gripping Kelli’s ass in her hands Mrs. Claus couldn’t decide whether to continue playing a bit or just dive in. She didn’t want to give Kelli too much time to think about what she was about to do, so Mrs. Claus decided to forgo some of the foreplay. Prying Kelli’s tight cheeks apart Mrs. Claus leaned forward and ever so softly flicked the tip of her tongue against the crinkled rosebud between them.

“Ooooh,” Kelli moaned, sucking in a lungful of air at the sensation.

Taking the moan as a positive sign Mrs. Claus flicked her tongue out again, this time pressing her tongue against the younger girl’s asshole and slowly dragging it across the surface. Mrs. Claus could feel Kelli’s muscles flex and tighten under her fingers but rather than pull away Kelli actually pushed back against the tongue.

“Yummy ass,” Mrs. Claus hissed before diving back in.

As Mrs. Claus worked her tongue around the edges of her asshole Kelli felt like she was going to swoon. She’d been curious to try it, but she’d never thought it would feel so good. Kelli wasn’t sure whether it because Mrs. Claus was just so good at it or what, but it was almost better than when her boyfriend licked her pussy.

“You like it?” Mrs. Claus asked even though she could tell from Kelli’s moans that she was clearly getting off on having her ass eaten.

“Yeahhhh,” Kelli moaned. “Lick my ass, Mrs. Claus.”

“Want to try something else?” Mrs. Claus asked, reaching for the red velvet sack.

“I, umm,” Kelli stammered, torn between continuing with what they were already doing and seeing what else Mrs. Claus had in mind.

“You’ll like it, I promise,” Mrs. Claus said as she reached into the sack.

One of the secrets to Santa’s ability to visit millions of home in one night was his magic sack. It was designed so that anyone reaching into it just had to think of what they wanted and the sack would produce it. There were limitations to it, though Santa was experienced enough to get around those limitations with no problem. Mrs. Claus, however, didn’t have nearly as much experience with the bag.

Thus, as Mrs. Claus reached into the bag she was thinking of a vibrator with red and white stripes that looked like a candy cane. Instead of that though, when she pulled her hand out of the bag she found herself holding an actual candy cane. It was probably seven or eight inches long not counting the curved hook on the end and maybe a little over an inch thick, and actually pretty much perfect for the job though.

Mrs. Claus thought about handing the candy cane to Kelli to lube up with her spit but decided there was too much chance of scaring the poor girl that way. The candy cane wasn’t so big as to make it tough to stick it up Kelli’s ass, but it was big enough to look very daunting to an inexperienced girl like Kelli.

So instead Mrs. Claus went to work on it herself. Opening her mouth she wrapped her lips around the tip of the candy cane, tasting the peppermint flavor. Making sure to get it nice and wet she spun it around in her mouth, letting her saliva drip down the shaft before pushing more of it into her mouth.

While she was doing that Mrs. Claus used her other hand to transfer juices from Kelli’s pussy to her asshole. She smeared the juices around the outside before pressing a finger against the center, causing Kelli to gasp and tighten up momentarily before allowing Mrs. Claus to slide the finger deeper into her ass.

“Ready?” Mrs. Claus asked when she was satisfied that Kelli was sufficiently lubed.

“Holy shit,” Kelli said nervously, looking back over her shoulder and finally seeing what she was in for as Mrs. Claus maneuvered the huge candy cane to press against her asshole.

“Just relax and trust me,” Mrs. Claus said, one hand prying Kelli’s cheeks apart while the other gently pushed the tip of cane against Kelli’s back door.

“Uhhhh,”  Kelli grunted as she felt her anus start to open under the pressure.

Taking it easy, yet giving Kelli a steady push, Mrs. Claus quickly had an inch or so inside the young girl’s ass. Stopping for a moment, Mrs. Claus slipped a hand down to Kelli’s pussy to help take her mind off the large object invading her virgin asshole.

“Ooooh,” Kelli moaned as Mrs. Claus found her clit and softly rubbed the tip of a finger against it.

Feeling Kelli start to relax, Mrs. Claus took the opportunity to resume pushing. She inched the candy cane slowly up Kelli’s ass, making sure to continue stroking her clit while she did so. Every so often Mrs. Claus reversed course and pulled a couple inches out before pushing back in.

“Uhhhh god,” Kelli grunted when Mrs. Claus finally stopped when the curved handle of the candy cane bumped against the cheeks of Kelli’s ass.

Clenching her asshole Kelli groaned as she squeezed the rock hard shaft lodged in her backside. Nerve endings she never knew she had were coming to life and as Mrs. Claus started to slide the candy cane out her ass clamped down, trying to retain its new favorite toy.

When Mrs. Claus had about four inches of the candy cane outside of Kelli’s ass, she pushed it back in a little faster than the initial penetration. As Mrs. Claus started to pull out again Kelli pulled forward like she would if her boyfriend was fucking her from behind. But just as Kelli got ready to push back against the inward thrust Mrs. Claus removed the candy cane from her ass completely.

Groaning at the sudden absence, Kelli turned to complain. But before she could say anything, she saw Mrs. Claus lifting the candy cane, still shiny from Kelli’s ass juices, to her mouth. Kelli wanted to be disgusted as she watched Mrs. Claus run her tongue along the length of the shaft but it was actually really hot.

“You want a taste?” Mrs. Claus offered, noticing the look in Kelli’s eyes. The eyes were the window to the soul and at the moment they were telling Mrs. Claus everything.

Wanting to say no, Kelli nonetheless nodded her head. When Mrs. Claus extended the impromptu sex toy Kelli opened her mouth to take a tentative lick. Instead she found Mrs. Claus stuffing the tip of the candy cane, plus another inch or two into her mouth.

Taken by surprise Kelli reeled back as her cheek bulged obscenely from the candy cane. But when Mrs. Claus stopped pushing Kelli closed her lips around it and tasted the peppermint, along with something else. She knew it was her ass she was tasting, but she couldn’t quite place what it tasted like. Either way, it wasn’t bad, and the knowledge of what she was tasting was as much of a turn on as anything else they’d already done.

“Good girl,” Mrs. Claus said, slowly sliding the candy cane in and out of Kelli’s mouth.

“Mmmm,” Kelli moaned as she had her mouth fucked with the filthy object that had just been up her ass.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Claus wasn’t completely idle. Her other hand had continued stroking Kelli’s clit, stoking the girl’s fire. Now as she felt Kelli getting into the ass-to-mouth, Mrs. Claus slipped her thumb into Kelli’s snatch while her middle finger increased its pace on Kelli’s clit.

“Ohhhhhh,” Kelli moaned around the candy cane.

Suddenly pulling the candy cane out of Kelli’s mouth Mrs. Claus wasted no time bringing it back to press against Kelli’s asshole. It was still slightly gaped, but it had been long enough for it to close back up a bit. So as Mrs. Claus pushed, she did so a little faster than the first time she’d introduced the candy to Kelli’s backside but still gentler than she would have if Kelli were a bit more experienced.

“Fuckkk,” Kelli hissed as the candy cane filled her back passage once more, except this time with Mrs. Claus’s thumb in her pussy at the same time.

As Mrs. Claus started to slide the candy cane in and out of Kelli’s ass again, she also started to move the thumb in her cunt. While the candy cane up her ass had felt unexpectedly awesome for Kelli, the double penetration felt even better still. Each small stroke Mrs. Claus made into her pussy with her thumb caused her finger to rub against her clit and sent Kelli to the moon.

With each thrust Mrs. Claus fucked Kelli’s ass faster until she had the full length of the candy cane gliding in and out as fast as she dared. There was the small problem of the saliva and juices that were acting as lubrication combining with the friction to slowly melt away the layers of the candy. But the way Kelli was moaning and pushing back, Mrs. Claus wasn’t worried about it disappearing before they were done.

“Oh god, fuck me,” Kelli hissed, feeling herself starting to get close.

“That’s it, beg me,” Mrs. Claus urged Kelli. “Beg me to fuck your ass.”

“Yeah, fuck my ass,” Kelli moaned, closing her eyes to focus on the pleasure as she was driven closer to ecstasy with every stab into her asshole.

“Beg me to make you come,” Mrs. Claus prodded.

“Unngghhhh,” Kelli grunted, the dirty talk pushing her even faster towards her goal. “Please make me come, fuck my ass until I come so hard.”

“Only if you promise to suck on this candy cane until every inch of it is gone and in your belly,” Mrs. Claus sneered, getting off on her little power trip.

“Uhhh, yeah, make me suck my ass off the candy cane,” Kelli agreed, being pushed right to the edge.

Pushing her thumb into Kelli’s pussy and holding it there, Mrs. Claus wiggled it as she switched her focus to Kelli’s clit. Diddling her little nub with increased speed, it only took a few more seconds to push Kelli over the edge into a screaming climax.

“Oh holy fuckkk,” Kelli cried before biting one of couch cushions to stifle her  screams.

With Mrs. Claus continuing to rub her clit even after she started coming, Kelli felt her whole body go into convulsions. She could feel her asshole clenching and unclenching around the candy cane still stuffed up her ass in time with spasms coursing through her muscles. It was easily the best, most intense orgasm she’d ever had.

“Snack time,” Mrs. Claus said, finally removing the candy cane once Kelli had gone slack and collapsed against the back of the couch.

“Mmm,” Kelli moaned, turning her head and opening her mouth as Mrs. Claus presented the candy cane to her.

Recovering a bit of her strength, Kelli took the candy cane from Mrs. Claus. Wrapping her lips around the cane she pushed it as far into her mouth as she could. Spinning it around in her mouth, she pulled it out of her mouth.

“I should convince Santa to let me make more deliveries,” Mrs. Claus said as she watched Kelli work on the candy cane.

“You could come back next year,” Kelli said around her sweet treat as she settled on the couch.

“Now that’s a tempting offer,” Mrs. Claus said, seriously thinking about it. “I should be getting back to the North Pole. Santa gets cranky if he doesn’t get his dinner the moment he gets home. You’d think with all the cookies he eats on his route he’d be able to wait a few minutes for his Christmas stew.”

“Well, he does work hard delivering presents,” Kelli said as Mrs. Claus slung the bag over her shoulder and headed for the fireplace.

“He does a lot more than that to work up an appetite,” Mrs. Claus said, shrugging her shoulders as she ducked into the fireplace. “But I guess I can’t complain too much.”

And with that Mrs. Claus disappeared up the chimney. Kelli sat watching the suddenly empty fireplace for a couple minutes until she crunched up the last of the candy cane between her teeth. Swallowing the last of the candy Kelli reached for her panties only to discover they were nowhere to be found. Shrugging her shoulders she gingerly made her way back to her room, her ass finally starting to hurt, but in such an oh so delicious way.

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