Victorious Pornography Story: Victorious Lemons

Victorious Pornography Story: Victorious Lemons

Tori had invited Andre over to her house after school. They were both working on homework in her living room. Andre for a Shakespeare class and Tori…for a different class.

“Ugh.” Tori said throwing her textbook down.

“What, do you need help?” Andre asked.

“No, I-I’m fine.” Tori said picking up her book.

“Are you sure?” Andre said reaching for the book.

“Look, I said I was fine.”

“Come on just give me the book.”

“No, Stop Andre! Andre if you don’t…” Tori didn’t get to finish her sentence before Andre grabbed the book from her hands, they both sat in awkward silence.

“Now I see why you…didn’t want my help.” Andre said handing her back the Sex Ed. book.

Tori and Andre continued to work in silence until Tori broke the silence.

“Andre, I do need your help, actually.” Tori said.

“No, you’re on your own on that.” Andre said laughing.

“I’ll ask someone more experienced.” Tori said, little did she know, that would turn out to be the best thing she ever said.

“Woah, woah…what’s that supposed to mean?”

“I just want to talk to someone with a little more experience.”

“Are you saying i’m not experienced enough?”

“No offense Andre, but have you even had sex?” Tori asked with a laugh.

“Tori, have you?” Andre asked standing up.

“That doesn’t ma…why do you need to kn…No, I haven’t. But I know you haven’t either.” Tori said.

“You know you’re really trying my patience Tori.” Andre said getting frustrated with Tori’s assumptions about his sexual life. Tori stood up.

“Look Andre, you just don’t strike me as the type of guy who’s had sex yet.”

“Why don’t I?”

“You’re just too…too nice, nice guys always are virgins. You’re a cute sweet guy, but I just don’t think you could get a girl to have sex with you.” Tori said.

Andre walked over to Tori getting her close to a wall before he kicked Tori in the back of the ankles causing her to crash into the wall at a perfect angle then gave her one dry hump that knocked her right side up, he began sucking her lip vigorously and his hand explored inside of Tori’s B-Cup. Tori gave a light moan of pleasure and suprise as Andre broke the kiss.

“You wanna do this or not?” Andre said looking at Tori who was panting heavily feeling Andre’s length touching her dripping wet core. All she could manage was a weak nod.

He began sucking and biting on her neck. Tori’s moans got louder as Andre took her shirt and bra off and began working on her nipples.

“Uh, you must of done this before.” Tori moaned out.

“You think so?” Andre said still pissed off about Tori’s comments earlier.

Andre ripped of his own shirt and threw it to the side. Tori rubbed her hands on Andre’s chest and abs before he took his pants and socks off.

“Now get on your knees Tori.” Andre said. Tori complied and got on her knees in front of him.

“I don’t know about this Andre.” Tori said. Andre took his boxers of revealing his 11″ to Tori.

“You better do good, because that’s all the lube you’re getting.” Andre said. It took Tori a second to realize what he meant and slowly put the 3 inches she could confidently fit in her mouth and started sucking on it not moving her head at all. Andre started to laugh a little bit.

“Okay, why are you laughing?” Tori said.

“Tori you aren’t doing anything but sucking it.”

“Isn’t that what you told me to do?”

“Tori, move your head back and forth.” Andre said.

Tori tried it again moving her head back and forth occasionally gagging when 5 inches got in her mouth she did this for about 3 minutes as Andre gripped her hair.

“Fuck, stop Tori, you’re gonna make me cum.” Andre said. Tori stood up and Andre sat down on the couch.

“Come on Tori, get on top of me.”

Tori immediatley got into Cowgirl position and slowly sat down on Andre’s cock facing toward him, crying as he broke her maidenhead.

“Oh god Andre, if I knew it would hurt this bad I wouldn’t have done this.” Tori said.

“Just relax, it’ll feel better.” Andre assured her as he slowly glid Tori up and down, he did this for 14 more minutes before Tori gave him the go ahead to speed up.

“Oh yeah Andre, oh shit that feels good.” Tori moaned out to him, not thinking about what she was saying, just saying whatever came to mind as Andre grabbed her ass and felt it up like crazy.

“That big black cock is filling me up Andre! Oh my god!” Tori screamed.

Andre started slapping Tori’s ass until it turned red. It was nice, but he’d seen bigger.

“Andre, I think you broke the skin on my butt.” Tori said trying to move his hands away from there.

“You don’t like getting slapped on the ass?” Andre asked with a small smile he sped up. Tori started screaming loud as Andre kept slapping her ass until it was raw and hit her G-Spot so hard you would think he was moving it.

“ANDRE, I CAN’T TAKE ANY MORE, I’M GONNA CUM!” Tori moaned out loudly. It was followed by a short sigh of relief and Tori’s face looking like she just got stabbed in the stomach.

“Fuck.” Andre said sharply, feeling Tori’s pussy clench on his cock. He pulled out of Tori and she fell on her back on the floor, her legs numb and her brain too overloaded to think.

“Perfect.” Thought Andre.

Andre started jerking off over Tori’s half unconcious body.

“God damn Tori!” He exclaimed before cumming all over her face.

“Tori? Is everything ok down there? Tori?” Andre heard Trina ask from upstairs.

Andre realized that he couldn’t clean up Tori’s face and dress both of them by the time Trina got downstairs, he also realized he couldn’t just leave her laying there, naked, knocked out, and sweaty with cum all over her face. Trina came down the stairs and looked at what happened to her baby sister.

“Oh my god Andre, i’m so sorry I walked in on you guys, I-I didn’t even know you guys were even together like that.” Trina said. Andre suprised that Trina said his name correctly stared at Trina unable to think of something to say.

“HOLY SHIT THAT’S LONG!” Trina exclaimed noticing Andre’s cock.

Andre and Trina stared at each other, looked over at Tori, and then stared at each other again.

“You want some too?” Andre asked with a smile.

“Please?” Trina asked taking her shirt and D-Cup bra off as Andre began roughly sucking her large breasts and pushing her forcefully onto a wall. He squeezed relentlessly on Trina’s boobs. He sucked and nibbled and squeezed so hard it started to hurt Trina.

“Geez Andre, are you trying to get milk or something?” Trina moaned, rubbing the back of his head.

He rose up and started making out with Trina who gave him several soft sensual moans. He slammed Trina against the wall, his sexual appetite for her growing by the second. Andre’s tounge went down into Trina’s tonsils as Trina’s tounge shyly fickered around Andre’s like a butterfly, touching it occasionally. Andre’s cock was fully erect again and leaking pre-cum like never before. He unbuttoned and slid off Trina’s tight jeans. Trina grinded her legs and crotch against Andre’s legs and crotch still sounding out soft moans that were driving Andre crazy.

“Knees, now.” Andre said.

Trina usually would object to a guy saying something like that to her, but she was just as eager to get on her knees as he was to get her on her knees.

Tori slowly woke up to see Trina wearing only panties on her knees in front of Andre. The cum on her face had dried and her legs were still numb so she just lied there and watched.

Trina took him in her mouth and seemed to be sucking, blowing, humming, and spitting on his cock all at the same time.

“HOLY SHIT TRINA!” Andre said. Trina couldn’t help smiling up at him in pride of her fellatio skills. Andre massaged the back of Trina’s head while she made Andre almost lose his balance.

“Deep throat me Trina.” Andre said. Trina took 9 inches of his cock into her mouth as Tori watched in amazement. Trina struggled hopelessly to get the last 2 inches into her mouth but to no avail. Tears started to form in her eyes from a combination of her gag reflex and her frustration with not being able to fit Andre’s whole cock. She decided to keep doing what she was doing before, she did that for about 45 seconds until out of nowhere she heard.

“I’m…FUCK I’M GONNA CUM TRINA AND YOU BETTER SWALLOW!” Andre shouted at the older Vega sister as he let a huge load into her mouth. Trina kept her mouthful of cum for a little bit before swallowing.

Trina then took off her panties, lied on her back and Andre put all 11″ of his length inside of her.

“AAAH! Andre! It’s splitting me in half!” Trina exclaimed as Tori started to crawl towards the two on the couch.

“IT’S SO…FUCKING BIG I JUST…CAN’T TAKE IT!” Trina screamed in pain.

“Aw Trina, you’re so tight.” Andre said lustfully increasing to an impossibly fast speed, he then pulled out of Trina, flipped her on her stomach and filled her pussy again.

“YOU’RE HITTTING MY G-SPOT SO HARD ANDRE!” Trina screamed as Andre pulled her mix of brunette and blonde hair and started slapping her ass as well.

“Now THAT’S a big ass.” Andre thought to himself as he increased the strength of his thrusts and made them deeper, he was going past her G-Spot and hitting her female prostate and continued doing it until Trina’s breathing was reduced to moans and short gasps.

“HOLYSHITI’MGONNACUMFUCK!” Trina screamed clenching Andre’s cock with her pussy as tight as it could squeeze. Andre allowed Trina to come down from her orgasm before sitting her on the couch.

“Trina, have you ever had it up the ass?” Andre asked.

“No.” She responded.

“Would you like to?”

Trina nodded.

“Alright, you might wanna get it wet first.” Andre said sitting down on the couch beside Trina all of a sudden Andre felt Tori start bobbing her head as fast as she could manage on his dick.

Tori looked up at Andre and Trina trying desperatley to out do Trina’s blowjob. She loved the taste of Andre and Trina’s combined juices.

“I have and idea, Trina, hold her head still.” Andre said. Tori looked up, a little worried about what they were going to do to her. Trina grabbed Tori’s head with both hands keeping it still. Andre also put a hand on her head too and started humping Tori in the back of her throat. Andre sighed at the tightness of Tori’s throat and the sounds coming from Tori.

“Are you okay Tori?” Trina asked, concerned about the vicious choking noise her little sister was making. Tori smiled looked up at Trina and nodded as tears fell down her face as she fit 7 of Andre’s 11 inches into her mouth. Tori pulled away from Andre and Trina’s grips.

“That’s all I can fit.” Tori said, exhausted and breathing heavily. Trina sat on Andre in reverse Cowgirl with Trina facing away from him, he slowly put all 11″ of his cock into Trina’s asshole causing a soft whimper from her.

“It’s so tight, it hurts.” Andre said. Tori saw a perfect opprotunity and climbed up on the couch between Trina and Andre, standing over them and facing Andre.

“Smart girl.” Andre said before licking Tori’s pussy.

“Oh yeah Andre, that’s right. Eat it good.” Tori said getting comfortable while Trina’s whimpers of pain continued as she slowly rode Andre’s cock, she slowly sped up as Tori’s moans filled the room.

“Oh my god Andre, I can’t last much longer.” Tori said as Andre kept licking, sucking at and kissing Tori’s womanhood.

“Oh, Andre.” Trina moaned quietly, still in pain. Soon, she felt Andre pull out of her ass and go back inside of her pussy.

“Yeah, that’s so fucking good!” Trina screamed, Andre hitting all of her pleasure spots.

“ANDRE FUCK! OH MY GOD I’M SO CLOSE!” Tori screamed pushing Andre’s head further into her pussy. Andre slowed down on Tori and sped up on Trina trying to get the two to cum at the same time.

“HOLY SHIT I’M GONNA CUM!” Trina screamed.

“I’M CUMMING TOO!” Tori shouted at the top of her lungs. Trina’s pussy clenched hard on Andre’s dick as he licked up Tori’s cum from her pussy. Tori dropped down from the couch telling Trina to move. Trina got off of Andre’s dick and Tori began sucking it again, tasting nothing but Trina’s cum.

“Tori, are you sure you want me to cum in your mouth?” Andre asked.

“I…I think so…I atleast want to taste it.” Tori said before moving her head up and down on it again.

“Shit! Aaaah!” Andre said cumming in her mouth. Tori liked the salty taste and smiled up at Andre.

Tori, Andre and Trina all got redressed.

“So, about that Sex-Ed homework you were helping me with.” Tori said to Andre.

“Wait, so that’s how this all started?” Trina asked. Andre and Tori nodded. Trina went back upstairs to her bedroom.

“Andre, was I your first?” Tori asked.





Andre shook his head no.


“Tori, you’ll be counting for a little while.” Andre said with a smile.

“Fifth? Sixth? Seventh? Oh my god Andre, how many girls have you slept with?” Tori asked getting concerned.

“You’re number nine, Trina’s ten, and i’ve never slept with the same girl twice.” Andre said.

“It’s a good thing we’re learning about STD’s then.” Tori said.


“Just kidding Andre.” Tori said laughing.

Andre just smiled at Tori and went back to her homework.

“More experience, I still can’t belive you said that.” Andre said.

Tori kissed him on the lips as he held her close.

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